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5 Common Myths About Ovarian Cancer

A lot of women fear ovarian cancer, which can sometimes make it difficult to distinguish fear from fact. It’s important not to have any misconceptions or unknowns, so here are the five most common myths about ovarian cancer from our medical centre.

1. Ovarian Cancer Will Be Detected at My Annual Pap Smear

Wrong! Pap smears only test for cervical cancer, not ovarian cancer.

2. A Blood Test is a Reliable Test

A blood test isn’t proven to be effective at screening and diagnosing for ovarian cancer. It is simply a guideline for oncologists during treatment, not in the initial diagnostic stage. Researchers are still looking for a reliable screening test for ovarian cancer, but currently there isn’t one.

3. My HPV Vaccine Prevents Ovarian Cancer

This is of course, not true. The HPV reduces your risk of cervical cancer, but not ovarian cancer.

4. I Don’t Have a Family History of Ovarian Cancer, So I’m Not at Risk

This is incorrect. In fact, only 10-15% of the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer have a history of the disease in their family.

5. I’ve Had a Hysterectomy, So I’m Safe

Although having a total hysterectomy vastly reduces your chances of developing ovarian cancer, there is in fact a small possibility that you can still contract the disease. It is important that you don’t ignore your body because you think you are safe. If you experience any symptoms, make sure to consult with your medical centre immediately.

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