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Struggling with Athletes Foot?

What is in a Simple Scratch?

Do you have a sore or itchy toe or foot? Maybe you have Athlete’s Foot? Or it could be something that needs further investigation.

Some common things to look for if you do have an itchy or sore toe are:

  • Itching
  • Scaling skin on the sole or all of your foot
  • Blistering anywhere on your foot
  • Cracks and splits in the webbing around the toes

Itching is so itchy isn’t it?

Itching or as we know it here at Southport Metro Medical Centre on the Gold Coast – Pruritus.

We just can’t help ourselves. We feel the itch, the message goes to the brain – rather urgently! The brain sends down a message which emboldens the urge to scratch that itch!

Then images in the brain form actions and so we scratch, scratch, scratch…. and the more we do the more it itches!

Which of course is the worse thing you can do……

What you are scratching could be highly contagious which in the case of Athlete’s Foot, is certainly spreadable, very easily and quickly.

If you scratch, the infection gets under your fingernails and spreads along your fingers

Gosh, we’ve seen people scratching their toes with their other foot so then the infection could well have spread to the other foot now too.

Watch out where you stand or walk

Just standing in the shower (especially in a gym, camp ground or marina public shower) is going to possibly affect the next person to shower after you. Bacteria is spread through scratching – yes a simple scratch.

Scaling skin on the sole of your foot

When your foot is in distress, you can see and feel severely dry and scaling skin covering the sole of your foot. This is commonly known as a Moccasin infection or Moccasin tinea pedis.

It is not limited to the sole of your foot though, it could also extend along the side of your foot right to your heel.

Perhaps you might think you have developed eczema or just put it down to a case of dry skin, either way you should seek some advice from your Doctor.

The sad thing is, we tend to pick at scaly and dry skin, therefore the infection spreads to your hands and fingers as well.

We know it is hard but try not to scratch!

Blistering Soles and Toe Web Infections

It is easy to get cuts and blisters on your feet, maybe through going barefoot, or perhaps wearing tight fitting shoes and boots, or shoes and boots that do not allow for adequate breathing.

Inter-digital Athlete’s Foot or more simply known as an infection between your toes, is the most common type of infection that can be picked up from these wounds if left untreated.

Athlete’s Foot is a fungal disease and is easily transmittable when you do not look after your feet.

There is no need to be embarrassed, come in and see one of our Doctors or Nurse Practitioners at Southport Metro Medical Centre.

They are highly experienced in dealing with these types of symptoms. You may need to be referred to a specialist foot clinic or simply may just need some cream. Either way, it is better to come in and talk about it, than itch, itch, ITCH!

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