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Does Your Child Have ADHD? Identify the Signs

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or ADHD) can be difficult to diagnose. All children can be fidgety and impulsive from time to time. That’s why our children’s health specialists have created a list of signs that may indicate your child has ADHD.

Incessant fidgeting

Many children with ADHD have a hard time staying still. They are constantly moving their hands, arms, feet, and legs and are unable to resist fiddling with nearby objects, such as books and stationery. You may also notice them tapping their feet on the floor or tapping their fingers on tables.

Unable to stay seated

Children with ADHD are unable to stay seated for long periods of time. They tend to get up at times when they know they are expected to stay seated as the temptation is just too hard to resist. They may run around or simply wander the room.

Inability to stay focused

Most children with ADHD are unable to stay focused or on task for more than 20 minutes. Children with ADHD will tend to flit from one activity to another quickly. They may also struggle to follow directions or instructions, no matter how simple they are. This can make them extremely reluctant to engage in activities that require thinking, such as homework or schoolwork.

Tendency to interrupt others

Due to their impulsiveness, ADHD children struggle to take turns speaking and tend to speak over others. They may blurt out answers in class or interrupt other people as they are speaking.

Extreme disorganisation

Due to their inability to concentrate, children with ADHD may struggle to organise tasks or their time. This can make deadlines difficult to meet. Children with ADHD may also tend to lose their possessions and constantly misplace toys, books, schoolwork or other belongings.

If in doubt, a children’s health specialist will be able to help you identify the symptoms of ADHD in your child and refer you to other specialists. If you’re looking for a bulk billing medical centre, then contact Southport Metro Medical today. Our general practitioners are practised in all areas of children’s health.

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