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Childhood Immunisations

A mother’s womb provides a safe space for your baby to develop until they are ready to be born. Once they’ve been safely delivered into the world you might be left wondering how you can protect them.

It’s Important for Everyone

As a parent you need to know the facts about why immunisation is so important and how failing to immunise your child can leave you and your family vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Immunisations are important for the following reasons

Vaccinations are designed to protect yourself and others from infectious diseases. By choosing to vaccinate your child/ren you are helping to eradicate diseases that could continue well into the future.
Herd immunity helps the whole community, when an infectious disease can’t be passed around easily it is less likely to become an outbreak.

Why is this so important?

Not everyone can get immunised; people with cancer, AIDS, type 1 diabetes, and other health conditions need herd immunity to protect them.

The figures speak for themselves, immunisations save lives. Thousands of children used to die annually from infectious diseases, but thankfully it’s rare now due to the immunisation program.

What do I need to do?

Talk to the doctors at Southport Metro Medical Centre in Southport on the Gold Coast and book in your child’s immunisations. If you are eligible Medicare covers the cost of your immunisations.
The doctors and nurse practitioners at Southport Metro Medical Centre, can give you a full rundown of what vaccinations are due and when. Your trusted doctor will also go through any side-effects your baby or child might experience such as being irritable, having a fever or a rash, so you can have peace of mind.

You can book online or call 07 5612 7830
Never miss an immunisation with the FREE VACCIDATE app. You can track your child’s immunisations and get reminders about when they are due.

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