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Postnatal depression

Giving birth to a baby is often described as one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.  Celebrities, family members or friends can wax lyrical about how their lives have changed for the better and how wonderful motherhood is.

In reality, this can be the polar opposite of how some new mothers feel after giving birth.

By definition postnatal depression is depression suffered by a mother following childbirth, typically arising from the combination of hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood, and fatigue. Symptoms of postnatal depression can range from mild to severe.

Giving birth to a child is indeed a miracle but it can also be extremely and physically taxing on the mother’s body and affect the mother’s mental health.

Postnatal depression can occur within days of the birth, or in a number of weeks after or even after the first year.

It is also indiscriminate, affecting mothers of any age, stature and culture and can randomly occur after the first child or after the fourth or after each pregnancy.

Typically, the symptoms of postnatal depression can present as:

  • Feeling a disconnection with their baby
  • Feelings of exhaustion, anxiousness, sadness, emptiness, guilt, sham, worthlessness, failure and inadequacy
  • Not looking forward to the future or seeing no future
  • Very low motivation
  • Being too afraid to go out with their baby
  • Afraid to be alone with their baby
  • Sleeplessness
  • Oversleeping
  • Overwhelming feelings of worry

In extreme cases, mothers may have thoughts of harming their baby, their partner or themselves.

Postnatal depression is a serious issue and professional help should be sought straight away even if the symptoms are mild.

Southport Metro Medical Centre offer mental health services including medications, treatments and therapy for postnatal depression at our Southport medical clinic on the Gold Coast.

Our GP’s offer not only antenatal care but postnatal care so mother and baby can thrive and bond after the experience of childbirth.

If you are experiencing symptoms or have a partner who you think may be experiencing postnatal depression, it is important to seek professional help by calling Southport Metro Medical Centre immediately on 1300 011 925.

Our caring and empathic team along with our qualified GP’s can help to alleviate the feelings and symptoms of postnatal depression, all within a non-judgemental and nurturing environment.

It is important to realise you are not alone, a lot of mothers can experience postnatal depression and that Southport Metro Medical Centre are here to help.0

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