Mental Health is an important part of your health and well-being and sometimes things can feel hard and be an effort. It is important to train your brain like you would train your muscles in the gym. A psychologist can provide you with the tools and knowledge to get through grey days and bring out the sun.

Everyone experiences difficulties with their mental health from time to time, it is normal. Please see our fees below!

Psychology Consult (1 hour)$140.00 (rebate $89.65)
Psychology Consult (1 hour) Concession Discounted$110.00 (rebate $89.65)
** to be eligible for rebates you must have a Mental Health Care plan from your Doctor. **

Appointments are now available at Southport Metro Medical Centre. A referral is required to see a Psychologist if you would like to discuss with a GP on how you could get one, book in now. If you would like to book with our Psychologist please do below:

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